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Qianball — a racket and ball sport developed in China which can be best described as a mix of aspects from tennis and squash. Poker — a card game that combines gambling, strategy, and skill. The winner of each hand is determined according to the combinations of players’ cards. Patball — schoolyard game played with hands or head for hitting the ball against a wall. Para-Cycling — cycle racing events using adaptations for disabled athletes, such as tandem bikes and hand-cycling.

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Beach Golf — a simplified version of golf played on sand with a polyurethane foam ball. Barefoot Skiing — involves skiing barefoot on water judolandia 2019 without the use of water skis. Ballooning — competitive hot air ballooning is a test of accuracy, not speed. The aim is to fly as close as possible to a target and drop a weighted marker. Artistic Roller Skating — is a sport that consists of a number of events usually accomplished on quad skates, though sometimes inline skates are used. Arnis — the national martial art sport of the Philippines which emphasizes weapon-based fighting.

  • Buzkashi — a Central Asian sport like polo in which riders on horses attempt to drag a goat carcass toward the goal.
  • Golf — players use a club to hit balls into a series of holes on a course, using the fewest number of strokes.
  • Synchronized Swimming — athletes perform synchronized dance routines to music while floating in the water.
  • Freestyle Swimming — in these events competitors can swim using any stroke of their choice.
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  • The most popular C sport from around the world is Cricket, and maybe one of the most unuual sports may be Chess boxing.

Pommel Horse — a male artistic gymnastics event in which the gymnast performs routines atop a symbolic horse. Pleasure Driving — a horse and carriage sport judged on a horse’s manners, performance, quality and conformation. Platform Tennis — a variation of tennis with modified equipment on a much smaller court surrounded on all sides by a fence. Paragliding — riders using para-gliders perform cross country or acrobatic maneuvers. Paleta Frontón — a wall-based racquet sport that originated in Peru. Paddleboarding — a person kneels or lies prone on a board and uses their arms and hands to propel themselves through the water.

Tissot’s numerous partnerships in the world of sports are a source of inspiration. The watches comprising the Tissot T-Sport Collection have all you want in a sports watch; they are precise, contemporary and stylish. What should i do if have an invention about yoga, pilates and spa massage? Dancesport is listed above, as is breakdancing. Actually, breakdancing may be on the 2024 Olympic Games program in Paris.

The sport is practiced in a gymnasium called Zourkhaneh, which is another name by which the sport is known. Varpa — an old outdoor game dating back to the Viking Age. It is similar to boules but played with a flat and heavy thrower known as «varpa» instead of balls, once made of shaped stones but nowadays aluminum is more popular. Underwater Rugby — two teams compete for a slightly negatively buoyant ball and score by placing it into the opponents’ goal at the bottom of a swimming pool. Underwater Ice Hockey — A variation of Ice Hockey played upside-down underneath frozen pools or ponds.

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It covers all martial arts and ancient fighting events, whether they use brute force or specific weapons. Squash — a racquet sport played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball. Roll Ball — like handball on roller skates, players must bounce the ball while moving and score goals by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Racketlon — a combination sport, where players compete in the sports of table tennis, tennis, squash, and badminton. Oină – a Romanian traditional sport, similar in many ways to Baseball and Lapta played outdoors by two teams of 11 players, taking turns either batting or catching. Middle Distance — a set of track and field running events over distances such as 800m, 1500m, not a sprint and not an endurance race.

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Kart Racing — an open-wheel motorsport variant that uses small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts (or go-karts). Karate — a martial art developed in Japan that uses punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and some open-hand techniques. Kabaddi — a «raider» enters the opposite team’s half to tag opponents without taking a breath. Jiu-Jitsu / Jujutsu — a Japanese martial art using close combat for defeating an armed and armored opponent, with only a short weapon or none at all. Jugger — a brutal sport inspired by the movie “The Salute of the Jugger”, the objective is for the team to get to the other team’s foam dog skull.

Table Tennis

Tables tennis, or ping-pong, is one of the world’s ten most played sports. It is played with a hard rubber ball and wooden rackets. It is played in an enclosed court, with a small hollow rubber ball that’s bounce is relative to its temperature. It is played on a smaller court than tennis, that has no doubles lines. However, the dominant format of the game is doubles, although it is possible to play singles as well.

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