Fruit Pate 220g Apricot

Apricot pate has a number of beneficial properties, it gives the skin a radiance Thanks to the vitamins it contains, frequent consumption of apricot pate makes the skin healthy ․ Strengthens muscle tissue. It helps regulate the acid balance in the body, promotes protein synthesis, therefore it is indispensable, especially for athletes who go to the gym, because microcracks in muscle tissue need nutrition after a long workout.

Pate from apricot will perfectly strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolic processes. Has a powerful antioxidant effect, because contains the vitamin of youth — vitamin A.

Restores reduced performance, increases the body’s resistance to stress, energizes.

They do not contain artificial additives, concentrates, sugar, and are 100% natural. No additives or GMOs.

Contains vitamins’ E-tocopherol, K-potassium, Ca — calcium, Mg — magnesium, P-phosphorus, C-ascorbic acid

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