About Us

About Us

The company was established in 2007.

At the beginning of the formation, the work was mainly done on a house-made basis, with family members.

Sales were made in the local market, and in the first years there was considerable success. The guarantee of success was that only Armenian fruits were used as natural products; sugar or other additives were not used. These factors persist till now and they became the strategic directions of the company’s production.

Due to market conditions, Individual Entrepreneur Armen Manukyan was renamed Fruit Foot LLC. Offering chocolate goods of the Choco Chir brand և Fruit Food without chocolate products.


The following products are produced under the Fruit Food brand:

Dried fruits, natural fruit lavash, natural fruit sticks and pastes.

The following products are produced under the “Choco Chir” brand:
Natural Fruit Pastilles and Natural Fruit Bars with high quality chocolate (62% cocoa content), as well as compositions with walnuts, almonds and apricot pits.


The harvesting phase begins in early spring and ends in late autumn. 10-12 types of fruits are purchased, as a result of which about 150 types of products with various packaging are introduced to the market.

As we already mentioned, production has two directions:
1. Dried fruits, pastilles and fruit sticks.
2. Dried fruits in chocolate, pastilles and fruit sticks.

Dried fruits and pastilles are produced using a special technology using traditional Armenian experience, as a result of which the taste and smell of fresh Armenian fruits, as well as their indescribable usefulness, make them irreplaceable in the consumer’s basket. A vivid example of this is the presentation of many diplomas, high prizes in various competitions, as well as the presence of numerous letters of thanks from customers.

Chocolate-coated dried fruits, as well as lozenges containing various products, soon became popular with consumers. The combination of dried walnut, apricot kernel, almond and chocolate was another innovation of Fruit Food in the market, which quickly became popular and is still in great demand today.



Production region: Armenia, Ararat valley



All products are packed in different grammages,
shelf life from 10 to 12 months, depending on the type of product
The products are 100% natural, without added sugar, dyes and preservatives.



  • We work directly /
    Through a distributor
  • Ready to deliver to DC



The product is a healthy diet and has no age limit.
There is an opportunity to consider the issue of the release of goods according to the required weight and under the brand of the customer’s networks.