Dried Fruit 200g Apricot

There is practically no one who does not like dried apricots, because they are very tasty, aromatic and healthy. Once you try it, you want to eat all the time. Only selected fruits are included in the package. Dried apricots are delicious and healthy on their own, but they can also become an essential part of your culinary masterpieces. There are many recipes for dried apricots. Melt butter, add dried apricots (150 g). When the oil is absorbed, the dried fruit swells, turn off the heat. Melt the butter in a frying pan, fry the sliced ​​pita bread (it can be the size of a saucepan or into smaller pieces) until it dries and turns red. Cook the rice (3 cups), strain so that it does not boil and does not crumble. Salt to taste, considering that dried fruits will sweeten pilaf. Place the sliced ​​pita bread under the pan, add some of the rice, then the dried fruit. Add the rice again, then the oil and the remaining dried fruit. Cover the pilaf with the remaining pieces of pita bread, squeeze well, you can make it a little heavier. Turn into a large plate for serving pilaf, garnish with raisins. They do not contain artificial additives, concentrates, sugar and GMOs, they are 100% natural product.

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